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NOMINAL WIDESDN 6 – DN 1400 (1″ – 56″)
PRINTING STUFFSPN 6 – PN 400 (ANSI Class 150 – Class 2500)
DRIVESHand lever, gearbox, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric
MATERIALS: HOUSING/BALLBronze, gunmetal, aluminum, gray iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, cast steel,
Stainless steel, duplex, super duplex
SPECIAL MATERIALSHastelloy, Monel, Titanium etc.
MATERIALS: BALL SEATSNBR, Viton, PTFE, PEEK, POM, Nylon, PA, PI, Devlon, TFM, metallic sealing systems

1-2- & 3-part ball valves

1-2-piece and 3-piece ball valves made of stainless steel, steel or brass,
with full or reduced passage, connections with welding ends, threads or flanges.

Ball valves

Compact ball valves with flange connections according to DIN or ANSI
(intermediate flange design). Optionally available in low dead space or piggable design.

2-piece flanged ball valves

Long and short design, full or reduced passage, with antistatic, shaft bearing for absorbing radial forces, approval according to TA-Luft, for use in chemical, petrochemical and industrial applications.

Trunnion mounted ball valves

Trunnion mounted ball valves with spring loaded sealing system, with two-piece, three-piece or fully welded body. Connection and construction length according to DIN and ANSI possible. Also available as top-entry or side-entry.

Bottom drain-
ball valves

Bottom drain ball valves with straight or angled selector shaft, low sump and low dead space design available on request.

3 & 4-Way
ball valves

3- and 4-way ball valves with T-, L- and X-bore, with thread or flange connection. Optionally available as piggable version and in high pressure ratings.

Chickens roosters

Dead space free plug valves with PTFE sealing bushing. Optionally with PFA/PTFE lining, 2-way or multi-way design.

Ball valves

Ball valves made of plastic with flanges, welding sleeves, weldingwelding sockets, welding spigots, glued sockets or threaded connections, in heavy or light design, for various applications such as water treatment, fresh water, areas of electroplating, steel processing and the chemical industry.